Welcome to the Chatham Central School District High School and Middle School Counseling Home Page!

During this time we understand the importance of mental health…

At Chatham we know that this is a difficult time for everyone. We are determined to continue to provide you and your students resources to help maintain their mental well being. Each week there will be updated resources, counseling topics, art therapy projects to do and much more!

Friendly tips from the counseling team: 

  • Teens benefit from a continued routine
  • Teens should get 9 ΒΌ hours of sleep a night 
  • Extensive amounts of screen time can cause elevated levels of emotional distress
  • Students should continue to eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated in order to maintain their emotional and physical health.
  • The following activities are suggested: art, crafts, board games, watching movies, journaling, walks, puzzles, reading, practicing an instrument, utilizing mindfulness strategies and cooking.
  • Exercise and stay fit
  • Get out and get fresh air (while maintaining appropriate social distancing)

Social Skills

We help students understand social interactions, conflicts, pressures and help them create an identity that will carry them through their life.

Executive Functioning

We can help students understand Executive functioning. It is a set of neurological functions that help the body regulate, organize information and use information in the most efficient ways.

Emotional Regulation

We help students understand their emotions and how their body responds to them. In this area, we help students regulate emotions and develop coping strategies. Students often have difficulty with emotions such as anxiety, depression and anger management.

Stay tuned for more content on the above topics each week!

Make sure you check out our Chatham Central School District Website for the most updated on information how we are handling COVID-19 : https://www.chathamcentralschools.com/

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